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Some of our recent technical writing projects include:

This project included interviewing the subject matter experts and creating a document that is now used as a transit and transportation industry reference.

Some of our recent proposal writing projects include:

  • Drafting and finalizing the proposal for a major EPA project. This included Request for Proposal (RFP) analysis, development of a compliance tracking matrix, writing the proposal, and coordinating inputs from diverse subject matter experts and management.
  • Writing proposals for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-, United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)-, and United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS)-sponsored training programs addressing proposal, grant, technical, and journalist writing training and facilitation, presentation, and speaking skills.
  • Writing, editing, and finalizing proposals for providing transit/transportation services, project management, environmental services (ESA, EIS, and reporting).

Some of our recent grant proposal writing projects include:

  • Writing the multi-million dollar grant proposal for the 21st Century Learning Center grant for Denver Public Schools.
  • Writing the grant proposal for the West Central Region for development of a Department of Transportation funded Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC).
  • Training over 35 representatives of UNDP/UNEP/GEF and Non-Governmental Organizations on all aspects of researching, analyzing, and writing grant proposals (with a follow-on program scheduled in early 2011).

Some of our recent financial services writing projects include:

  • Commissioned articles for The Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Commissioned materials—newsletters, webcasts, scripts, and voiceovers—for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch (through KingFish Media).
  • Continuing education audio programs for the College for Financial Planning (for CFPs®)

Some of our journalistic credentials include: