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There is an art to technical editing. We are experts at making multi-author documents read as if done by a single author. One of our greatest talents is shortening lengthy technical documents, proposals, and reports—and doing so in such a way you’ll never know what’s been deleted or moved. Another key element we bring to editing is incorporating the tenets of "plain English”/ "plain language” writing.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Proposal review and editing (red team/pink team/gold team) for large and small federal government and commercial proposals.
  • Proposal and Environmental Site Assessment (EIS)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) editing for an environmental engineering firm—to ensure technical and structural compliance.
  • Editing content written by non-native English speakers for a Global Environment Facility (GEF)/Secretariat of the Pacific Region Environment Programme (SPREP) Project Document (ProDoc).
  • Technical and report editing of reports intended to support the award of Fully-Funded Grant Agreements (FFGA) from the Federal Transit (FTA) administration to a major transit agency. In many cases the reports were rewritten to meet FTA requirements. The reports were edited to reduce their overall length, often by 20-50%.
  • Editing and rewriting technical data sheets, résumés, and proposal materials for a global/international mining consulting company.
  • Editing quality control (QC)/quality assurance (QA) reports and plans for consultants to a major transit/transportation agency.
  • Editing highly complex scientific and research proposal documents for research and other scientists.
  • Editing and revising résumés for senior management, vice president-level executives, and global/international consultants.
  • Editing and revising presentation materials and training materials.
  • Web content editing for services and engineering firms to ensure their message is clear and structured for the intended audience.